Malaysian Technology Transfer Showcase (MTTS)

MTTS features an exhibition and trade fair of the latest Malaysian cutting-edge technology, products and services. Placed strategically in one of the most important business and investment events for Southeastern Europe, Sarajevo Business Forum gathered more than 2000 business leaders, investors, national leaders, and industry players from more than 50 countries worldwide.


Malaysian Technology Transfer Showcase (MTTS) is an international trade fair that is organised in conjunction with the Sarajevo Business Forum in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. MTTS is composed of an exhibition and a trade fair.


Four instalments of MTTS has been organised so far alongside SBF with a great success of past showcases in Sarajevo & Istanbul, which had brought strong interest by the participants and audience. The previous instalment, MTTS2019 has led some participants to have successful negotiations for trial orders, and distribution contracts from the region of the Middle East and Southeast Europe which saw close to RM10 millions of sales generated. The event will include products presentation, business matchings, B2B meetings and trade exhibitions.


The same concept will be duplicated for the forthcoming MTTS. A pavilion is prepared for participants to showcase and pitch Malaysian products/technologies in various sectors including biotechnology, engineering, renewable energy, education, food & beverage, architecture, IT/IoT, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical among others. This event will construct a productive exchanging platform between global innovations and potential commercialisation opportunities in technology transfer and innovation.

SBF has seen more than 2000 business leaders, investors, national leaders, and industry players from more than 50 countries worldwide gathered. This is definitely a valuable opportunity for the Malaysian participant to explore new markets.


  • Trade exhibition - to access to new markets through product showcase, prearranged and onsite B2B meetings with investors, product seekers, chambers of commerce etc.;

  • Product pitching session to businessmen and investors

  • To bring out the latest Malaysian cutting edge innovations and technologies for global exploration and exposure;

  • To encourage more start-up companies, SMEs and research-based products to be competent and ready for commercialization;

  • To give opportunities to the participants to gain knowledge and access to new markets through prearranged and onsite B2B meetings with investors, product seekers, Chambers of Commerce etc.;

  • To re-brand Malaysia as a leading country in ASEAN that is focused on research and development activities, and

  • To promote a new research culture for Malaysia.



  • To promote and bring Malaysian companies producing the latest technology and innovation for global reach; and

  • Business coordinator with its partners (including a few Chambers of Commerce) at the event country.


  • To create networks and access to international markets through prearranged and onsite business matchings and B2B meetings with technopreneurs, industry players of Europe and beyond;

  • The experts, technopreneurs, industry players are ready to collaborate;

  • To meet the members of Chambers of Commerce from the region;

  • To facilitate the process of licensing, commercialising and investing among the participants;

  • For knowledge and technology exchange as well as capacity building;

  • A special stage as a platform share with the audience the experiences of Malaysian technopreneurs, industry players and innovators as regard to technology transfer.

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